February 14, 2020
The Perils of Indifference
February 15, 2020


The purpose of this assignment is to get you comfortable with reading and understanding scientific research articles.  For this assignment, you will need to access the articles electronically through Blackboard Vista.  On the main content page, you should see a folder labeled “Articles for Review.”  Inside this folder are two or three articles.    These are the ONLY articles that you may use for this assignment.  Select ONE of these articles to review.

Read the article through once, to get the idea of what it is about.  Then read it again, keeping in mind the review sections described below.  Article reviews should be typed in 12pt Times New Roman Font, single-spaced.  Your review should be between 2-3 pages, stapled.  Each section should be clearly labeled as below and must be in outline format (follow this handout).  Be sure to proofread for spelling and grammar.

Your review needs to include the following sections:



The reference of the article needs to be in APA style.

Study Design

For this portion of the article review, you need to specify what type of study was conducted.

  1. State the type of study (correlational, experimental, longitudinal, etc).
  2. Also include a brief overview of the purpose of the study (why did they do it).


Independent variables are things like the conditions participants are assigned to in an experimental study; predictor variables are the things the researchers use to predict an outcome but that can’t necessarily be manipulated (like self-esteem or education level) and are in a correlational or longitudinal study.  Dependent or criterion variables are outcome variables; the term “dependent variable” refers specifically to outcomes in experimental studies whereas the term “criterion variable” refers to outcomes in correlational studies.

  1. Specify whether it was an independent/predictor variable and/or a dependent/criterion variable in the study (correct labels).
  2. Identify the independent/predictor and dependent/criterion variables in the study (name them).

Operational Definitions of Variables

These involve defining any terms or concepts that are central variables in the study.  For example, if in the article you reviewed, stereotype threat was a predictor variable, it would be one term you would need to provide an operational definition for.

  1. Operational definition of independent/predictor variable(s)
  2. Operational definition of dependent/criterion variable(s)


What did the researchers predict?  What did they expect to happen?  All studies have at least 1 hypothesis, and many have quite a few more than that.  Remember that the study hypothesis will involve predictions about the variables.

  1. Identify the hypotheses for the study.


What are the main findings?  You should have at least 1 result for each hypothesis.  You also need to indicate whether the result supports or disconfirms a hypothesis.

  1. What were the results/main findings?
  2. Were these results consistent with the hypotheses?
  3. Were these results consistent with past research?


A good place to look for conclusions is in the discussion section, usually toward the end of the article.

  1. Interpretation of the results: What do these results mean in a broader sense? (In other words, what do the findings mean in the big picture?  What do they imply about life in the real world?)
  2. Briefly describe future directions for the line of research studied in the article.


Typically researchers acknowledge limitations to their own work (in the discussion section), but there may be some things that you notice that could be a problem for the study.  For example, were the participants mostly women (so we don’t know if men would respond the same way)?

  1. What are some of the limitations of the study identified by the researcher(s)? What could the researchers have done that would have made the study better?
  2. What limitations did you find with the study? Identify and describe at least 2 limitations that are not mentioned by the researchers.



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