Museum paper

PARAGRAPH #1: Descriptive Phase Describe the artwork you have selected. Identify the work of art with the title, artist, and medium (see the label). Write your initial response (item A below) to the work. What do you think the artwork is about (story)?  What message (idea) are you receiving from the work?  You may find… Continue reading Museum paper


Art Project paper

Written essay Top of Form   Instructions   Select 1 from these 3 subjects: 1. A visual artist ( Preferably contemporary and not necessarily in the historical record) 2. An visual art movement 3. A design innovation that led to social benefit or consequence In a paper, of no less than 750 and no more… Continue reading Art Project paper

The Making of the West essay

Use the Civilization Report Template under Files in Canvas. Answer the questions using The Making of the West. If you use outside sources, make sure you properly cite them in MLA style on a Works Cited page. Each section of the report needs to be at least one paragraph of three or more complete sentences:… Continue reading The Making of the West essay


History of Fashion Assignment

Need an assignment done by Nov. 5 Students please review the clip of a hit tv show called “Downtown Abbey.” Downtown Abbey is set from 1912 to 1926 in the Yorkshire country estate. Below are directions of what you should provide in your analysis: 1. Please take a look at the two clips and analyze… Continue reading History of Fashion Assignment


The Scope of Work Narrative Discussion

Based on lecture and example “quick contracts”, and on project information provided in the ODOT Blocks Studio, individually write a 500 – 700 word scope of work narrative that may be used in a contract with the client for performing Master Planning services. The scope of work narrative should address the following: a. Site description… Continue reading The Scope of Work Narrative Discussion


Art Discussion

Find a song that you normally would not listen to but really like. In your post, include the following: Title and artist of the song. Link to the song. What is it that you like about the song? Why did you choose this song? What creative process did the musician go through to write the… Continue reading Art Discussion


Connectivity Between urban plaza and mixed use and Commercial Buildings

 this week’s thesis proposal challenge in terms of content (finding or analyzing), focus (which way to limit your thesis) or organization (what to discuss where first!) ( For the first shot abstract, I will more focus on the connectivity between urban plaza and mixed use and commercial buildings. Urbanization and development of cities is necessary… Continue reading Connectivity Between urban plaza and mixed use and Commercial Buildings